Getting Started

Welcome to an easier way of carrying functionalities (tools) that are interactive, personalized and available across all your devices. It could be as simple as caculating your BMI (Body Mass Index), a News reader or something more involved like financial planning tools.

The Webfuncs framework is intended to enable users to create and share these functionalities. While it is perfectly fine to search, pick and personalize a function created by the community, we would recommend you give creating one a try. It is incredibly simple and may also be your first step towards programming if you aren't a coding ninja already!

How It Works

You can explore the tools available and filter them by borader category tags or search for keywords. Each resulting card will show the details of what the tool does and clicking on the title will open its interactive interface. Here you can change the inputs to your liking and use any applicable features (like charting or using a slider to change inputs). The tools are dynamic and changing inputs will update any feature data (result, chart). Let's use an example to explore futher.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a health metric that assigns a numeric value to a person's weight relative to their height. Let's open the BMI tool to see how we can use the interface. The interface is divided into following parts:

  1. Title: A title for the function.
  2. Description: Details on the function purpose and usage. This rich description can contain links and formulas.
  3. Inputs: Inputs for the function. Each input will define parameter name (brown) and input value (blue). Inputs will also have few action buttons like for viewing description, for viewing a chart of function result vs this input (both input and result need to be numeric) and to open a slider for changing numeric inputs within a defined range.
  4. Result: Function output for given inputs.
  5. Optional Features: A chart or slider for numeric input/outputs.
  6. Icons Row: Bottom row containing action icons. Hover over each to see function.
Thats it!. Change the inputs to suit your needs and then click 'Create Stub' or the icon in bttom icon's row to create your personalized stub for later use. Your stub will preserve all inputs and you won't have to change weight, height and their units next time you open this function from your stubs.

All your stubs are available on "Function Stubs" page accessible from user menu (top right, requires login).